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NeuroScience Prostate 30 softgel

SKU: NS400675
NeuroScience Prostate 30 softgel promotes prostate health and comfort. Maintains healthy zinc levels in prostate tissue. Supports hormonal balance as we age* Supports healthy prostate cell growth.
There have been a number of studies, including epidemiological studies, which have correlated tomato lycopene with overall prostate health. Our own research revealed the ability of tomato-derived carotenoids to support healthy PSA levels (an indicator of prostate wellness) especially when blended with other carefully selected phytonutrients.* We've combined our findings with those already available to the public to formulate NovaHue Prostate. A powerful blend of our standardized tomato extract, curcumin, zinc, and omega-3s, this once-a-day supplement is made to support genetic, cellular, and glandular prostate health.

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