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NeuroScience Cardio 30 softgel

SKU: NS400655
NeuroScience Cardio 30 softgel helps maintain blood pressure already within the normal range. Helps support a healthy circulatory system. Reduces oxidized LDL levels. Supports heart health.
Comprised of our proprietary phytosterol blend and our patented standardized tomato extract (which contains five key phytonutrients for optimized heart health), NovaHue Cardio is a once-a-day pill designed to foster improved cardiovascular wellness.* Published research suggests that the particular blend of natural ingredients we've selected is more effective in supporting heart wellness than lycopene alone.* Proven safe and effective in six well-controlled clinical trials, NovaHue Cardio is formulated to reduce oxidized LDL levels, nourish the endothelial lining, maintain normal blood pressure, and support an overall healthy circulatory system.

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