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Metametrix Cardio/ION Health Profile

BrandMetametrix Clinical Laboratory

Metametrix Cardio/ION Health Profile provides a comprehensive array of parameters to determine overall nutritional status with a specific impact on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving cardiovascular health. Requires a urine sample and blood draw. Blood draw fees may apply.

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  • Lab order is provided by us.
  • You receive a collection kit for saliva, urine, or finger stick to collect at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require a blood draw at a local lab.
  • You receive the results by email within 2-3 weeks.
  • Got insurance? Some tests are covered. Call 800 385-7863 for more information.
  • Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test.

Sample Report

You know the ION Profile is one of the best values in nutritional medicine. The Cardio/ION Profile makes it an even better value by adding cutting-edge risk markers for cardiovascular disease (CVD)!

Why should you order the Cardio/ION Profile?

Because 1 in 3 adults has some form of cardiovascular disease (2). The Cardio/ION identifies key nutritionally modifiable risk factors for CVD, including:

Fatty acid imbalances that lead to chronic inflammation, shown by current research to be one of the most probable causes of CVD
High fibrinogen that can make the blood more sticky or viscous, increasing the risk of clots
Homocysteine, increasingly recognized as an important risk factor for not only CVD, but stroke and dementia as well
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance in every human cell that is involved in key biochemical reactions that produce energy in cells, and it also acts as an antioxidant
Fasting insulin, an indicator of insulin resistance which often leads to metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and CVD
Sufficiency of antioxidant protection, shown in studies to help reduce fatty deposits on artery walls and limit cell damage that can lead to both CVD and cancer

Turnaround time: 12-18 days, 14 days average

Analytes: All analytes from the following profiles:

0011 Amino Acids 20 - Plasma
0022 Nutrient And Toxic Elements - RBC
0033 CoQ10 Plus Vitamins - Serum
0032 Vitamin D - Serum
0040 Fatty Acids - Plasma
0051 Lipid Peroxides - Serum
0091 Organic Acids - Urine
0093 Homocysteine - Serum
0161 Cardiovascular Health - Blood

Cardio/ION™ Profile

Go beyond conventional serum lipid markers. Identify critical CVD risk factors, including:

C-Reactive Protein
AA/EPA Ratio
RBC Magnesium

The Cardio/ION Profile can also guide your treatment of many other conditions, including:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Immune Disorders
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Learning and Behavior Disorders
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Inflammatory Conditions

About the Manufacturer

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory has merged with Genova Diagnostics!

Much of the healthcare industry is focused on treating symptoms rather than investigating underlying causes. Metametrix and Genova Labs offer testing to improve health by providing clinical laboratory tests that identify nutritional imbalances and toxicities underlying chronic diseases.

If the Metametrix test you want is not listed here please call 941 371-7997, we can get it for you.

You may order lab tests online. Coolect your sample. Mail back to the lab.

Lab order is provided by us.

You receive a collection kit for urine. saliva, blood draw or fingerstick. Blood draw is done at the lab of your choice and a small fee may apply.

You receive the results via email.

Phone consultations available.

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