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Metametrix Bloodspot Amino Acid Assay

BrandMetametrix Clinical Laboratory

Metametrix Bloodspot Amino Acid Assay. Amino Acid Profile 20 Amino acids make up proteins found in every tissue of the body. They play a major role in nearly every chemical process that affects both physical and mental function. Available to residents in all states including New York.

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  • Lab order is provided by us.
  • You receive a collection kit for saliva, urine, or finger stick to collect at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require a blood draw at a local lab.
  • You receive the results by email within 2-3 weeks.
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  • Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test.

As a result, amino acids have more diverse functions than any other nutrient group, including: Cellular energy production ,Formation of ligaments, tendons, and bones ,Formation of antibodies ,Formation and regulation of enzymes and blood transport proteins ,Fasting blood levels represent a homeostatic balance between supply and utilization of amino acids.

The Metametrix Bloodspot Amino Acid Assay can illuminate problems in amino acid absorption by determining essential amino acid imbalances. The Bloodspot Amino Acid Assay is a non-invasive alternative to a blood draw in determining essential amino acid status and therefore may be a better alternative in the pediatric setting.

The test kit is simple enough for the patient to use at home. Involves a simple finger stick.

Determines levels of:

  • Arginine
  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Taurine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

Analytes from :

  • Asparagine
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Citrulline
  • Glutamine
  • Glysine
  • Ornithine
  • Serine
  • Tyrosine

About the Manufacturer

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory has merged with Genova Diagnostics!

Much of the healthcare industry is focused on treating symptoms rather than investigating underlying causes. Metametrix and Genova Labs offer testing to improve health by providing clinical laboratory tests that identify nutritional imbalances and toxicities underlying chronic diseases.

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You may order lab tests online. Coolect your sample. Mail back to the lab.

Lab order is provided by us.

You receive a collection kit for urine. saliva, blood draw or fingerstick. Blood draw is done at the lab of your choice and a small fee may apply.

You receive the results via email.

Phone consultations available.

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