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Metagenics Zinlori 75 60 tabs

Metagenics Zinlori 75 60 tabs contains a high potency, patented zinccarnosine complex to address the underlying issues related to occasional indigestion—where many other approaches fall short.*

Supports a healthy gastric environment*
Helps relieve mild and occasional gastric discomforts, including heartburn, nausea, bloating, and upset stomach*
Promotes a healthy gastric microbial balance *
Helps maintain the integrity of the protective gastric mucosal lining possibly by supporting healthy mucus secretion*
Some research indicates that zinccarnosine may protect gastric mucosal cells without altering prostaglandin metabolism *
Gastro-supportive benefits demonstrated in over 20 published studies*
Same raw material used successfully by healthcare practitioners in Japan since 1994
Does not affect stomach digestion*
Clinically effective dosage in just 2 tablets daily

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