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Metabolic Maintenance Melatonin 2mg (Time-Release) 180c

SKU: ME0146
Metabolic Maintenance Melatonin 2mg (Time-Release) 180c is intimately involved in synchronizing the body�s hormone secretions, setting the brain�s internal clock and generating circadian rhythms (daily biorhythms). Melatonin is widely used to relieve insomnia and the symptoms of jet lag, two common problems of modern life. Unlike many other sleep aids, melatonin isn�t addictive. The hormone may promote health in other ways as well. When combined with certain cancer drugs, it may destroy malignant cells. Other preliminary findings suggest a possible role in lessening the nerve damage associated with Parkinson�s disease and Alzheimer�s diseases, and an ability to prevent strokes and heart attacks by reducing high blood pressure. Complexed with guar gum (a water soluble fiber), Metabolic Maintenance�s Melatonin works consistently over a 4 hour period. Pharmaceutical quality and guaranteed potency set this product above the rest.

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