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Metabolic Maintenance D-Ribose Powder 450 gms

SKU: ME0169
Metabolic Maintenance D-Ribose Powder 450 gms is a simple five-carbon sugar, or pentose, and is found in every cell in the human body. It will not increase blood glocose (ie sugar). Ribose is conserved by the cell for its primary role, that of rebuilding ATP, our energy pool. The heart, skeletal muscle, nerve tissue and the brain can only make enough ribose to manage their needs when the cells are not stressed. These cells lack the metabolic machinery they need to make ribose quickly when they come under metabolic stress, such as oxygen deprivation. D-Ribose may be a useful complementary therapy for disorders such as heart disease, neuromuscular disease, peripheral vascular disease and those hoping to recover quickly from strenuous exercise.

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