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Products by Kirkman

Kirkman® is the leading manufacturer of hypoallergenic nutritional supplements for sensitive individuals and maintains among the highest standards of purity testing in the nutraceutical industry.

What’s unique about Kirkman’s products is that every raw material used in the products they manufacture are tested for more than 950 environmental contaminants. These include: 24 heavy metals, bacteria, yeast, mold, common allergens, pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, biocides, herbicides) and hundreds of other harmful chemicals. “Finished products” are also subjected to rigorous purity testing – those that pass this two to three week process of quality control receive the “Ultra Tested™” seal that’s prominently displayed on the product.

For more than 60 years, their customers have relied on Kirkman® for safe and effective products that meet their nutritional supplement needs.

In response to the rising population of sensitive individuals, in 2011 Kirkman introduced a line of products especially formulated for use by physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Kirkman’s “professional” line includes a full range of supplements and specialty items including our proprietary Super Nu-Thera® multi-vitamin, Pro-Bio™ Gold probiotic products and EnZym-Complete DPP-IV™/Isogest® products.

All products in Kirkman’s “professional” line carry an “Ultra Tested™” designation and have passed the same rigorous purity and quality standards for which Kirkman® has become known.

Kirkman Labs Advanced Adult Multi Vit/Min 180 caps

Price $29.00
Sku K53941

Kirkman Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg 120 caps

Price $40.00
Sku K52081

Kirkman Labs Bifido Complex Advanced Formula 60 caps

Price $31.00
Sku K54810

Kirkman Labs Biofilm Defense 60 caps

Price $45.50
Sku K58810

Kirkman Labs Calcium w/ Vit D3 Powder Unflav.16 oz

Price $21.00
Sku K50360

Kirkman Labs Calcium with Vit D-3 250 mg 120 chews

Price $17.00
Sku K53201

Kirkman Labs CD-Biotic 90 caps

Price $40.50
Sku K53950

Kirkman Labs Child Multi-Vit/Min w/ Xylitol 180 chews

Price $24.75
Sku K53791

Kirkman Labs Children's Multi-Vit/Min Form 180 caps

Price $24.75
Sku K52991

Kirkman Labs Coenzyme Q10 100 mg 120 chews

Price $44.00
Sku K54201

Kirkman Labs De-Tox Diet & Complexing Aid 120 caps

Price $50.25
Sku K5500

Kirkman Labs DMG Max Strength 300 mg 120 caps

Price $30.00
Sku K53831

Kirkman Labs DMG w/ Folic Acid & B-12 250 caps

Price $51.00
Sku K50272

Kirkman Labs EnZym-Complete/DPP-IV II 90 caps

Price $42.50
Sku K5851A

Kirkman Labs GABA 250 mg 150 caps

Price $20.00
Sku K53641

Kirkman Labs Glutathione Assist 120 caps

Price $25.00
Sku K55071

Kirkman Labs Immuno-Aid Advanced Formula 150 caps

Price $47.25
Sku K54261

Kirkman Labs L-Taurine 1000 mg 100 caps

Price $22.50
Sku K52831

Kirkman Labs Magnesium Glycinate 250 caps

Price $32.50
Sku K50962

Kirkman Labs Magnesium Sulfate Cream 4 oz

Price $19.00
Sku K52250

Kirkman Labs Melatonin 3 mg 150 chews

Price $23.25
Sku K50691

Kirkman Labs Methylcobalamin Concentrated Powder 2 oz

Price $26.25
Sku K52920

Kirkman Labs Multi-Flora Spectrum 60 caps

Price $40.50
Sku K54850

Kirkman Labs Nu-Thera w/ 50 mg P-5-P 300 caps

Price $50.25
Sku K53223

Kirkman Labs Preconcep Care Antiox Super Blnd 60 caps

Price $49.00
Sku K55100

Kirkman Labs Preconcep Care De-Tox Assist 120 caps

Price $38.00
Sku K55051

Kirkman Labs Preconception Care Immune Assist120 caps

Price $38.00
Sku K55041

Kirkman Labs Preconception Care Men's Multi 120 caps

Price $30.00
Sku K55011

Kirkman Labs Preconception Care Wom's Vit/Min120 caps

Price $30.00
Sku K55021

Kirkman Labs Prenatal Adv Care Vit & Min 120 caps

Price $22.00
Sku K55091

Kirkman Labs Pro-Bio Chewable Wafers 120 chews

Price $66.00
Sku K53441

Kirkman Labs Pro-Bio Defense 120 caps

Price $54.00
Sku K54631

Kirkman Labs Pro-Bio Gold 120 caps

Price $50.50
Sku K54421

Kirkman Labs Pro-Bio Gold 60 caps

Price $30.50
Sku K54420

Kirkman Labs Pro-Bio Inulin Free 120 caps

Price $68.00
Sku K54041

Kirkman Labs Reduced L-Glutathione Lotion 2 oz

Price $40.50
Sku K52260

Kirkman Labs Saccharomyces Boulardii 100 caps

Price $36.00
Sku K52401

Kirkman Labs Selenium 100 mcg 200 caps

Price $22.50
Sku K50712

Kirkman Labs Slo-Release Melatonin 2.5 mg 150 tabs

Price $32.00
Sku K53211

Kirkman Labs Spectrum Complete II 300 caps

Price $50.25
Sku K54623

Kirkman Labs Spectrum Complete II Unflav Powder 16 oz

Price $50.25
Sku K54614

Kirkman Labs Super Nu-Thera 25 mg P-5-P Powder 16 oz

Price $50.25
Sku K54114

Kirkman Labs Super Nu-Thera 360 caps

Price $50.25
Sku K53373

Kirkman Labs Super Nu-Thera 540 caps

Price $50.25
Sku K53125

Kirkman Labs Super Nu-Thera Unflavored Powder 16 oz

Price $50.25
Sku K53074

Kirkman Labs Super Pro-Bio (Bio-Max Series) 60 caps

Price $66.50
Sku K53450

Kirkman Labs Thera Response 180 caps

Price $59.50
Sku K53001

Kirkman Labs TMG w/ Fol Acid & B-12 500 mg 200 caps

Price $42.00
Sku K53092

Kirkman Labs TMG w/ Folic Acid & B-12 Powder 8 oz

Price $40.50
Sku K54330

Kirkman Labs Yeast-Aid 200 caps

Price $42.00
Sku K50582

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