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Karuna Maxxum 1 180t

SKU: KR0084
Karuna Maxxum 1 180t, tableted multi providing nutrients in the optimal forms and amounts based on human research trials * MAXXUM 1 is formulated to incorporate the latest research findings, combining optimal forms and amounts of nutrients with affordable cost. * MAXXUM 1 is iron-free, contains a 10:1 zinc:copper ratio, uses only natural beta-carotene and vitamin E, and delivers calcium in the same citrate:malate ratio found optimal in clinical studies. * Tablets are medium-sized, easy-to-swallow and homogeneous. * Selenium and chromium levels included are in line with current health maintenance research. * Excessive amounts of inexpensive vitamins, as well as lesser amounts of superfluous ingredients, sometimes added as 'window-dressing' to inferior multi's, have been avoided. * Coating on these all-vegetable tablets is guaranteed to dissolve easily, allowing complete release of nutrients.

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