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Karuna HepatoPlex 120t


Karuna HepatoPlex 120t is a herbal concentrates methyl donors, and carnitine for liver support. Dandelion, barberry and fumitory are traditional botanical medicines possessing choleretic effects that promote optimal biliary function. Artichoke leaf extract has been shown in human clinical studies to have choleretic and hypolipidemic effects, and also possesses hepatoprotective effects according to in vitro research. L-carnitine, an essential facilitator of fatty acid metabolism, protects against hepatotoxicity from certain pharmaceuticals in humans and has reduced the effects of excessive fat storage in the liver in animal research. D,L-methionine protects against hepatotoxicity from certain environmental toxins, according to animal research. Betaine, a natural methyl donor, reduces the effects of excessive fat storage in the liver.


HepatoPlex - 4 tablets provide
Fumitory (Fumaria officianalis)**
500 mg
Dandelion Root 
(Taraxacum officinale)**
400 mg
Barberry Root
(Berberis vulgaris)***
400 mg
Artichoke leaf extract 
(Cynara scolymus)**
400 mg
L-Carnitine 500 mg
D,L-Methionine 400 mg
Betain HCI 400 mg
* Daily Value (DV) not established

** 4:1 concentrate 
*** 3:1 concentrate



Two tablets twice daily, or as directed.

About the Manufacturer


Karuna creates the best products possible, utilizing research-validated ingredients of verified freshness, purity and potency.

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