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Karuna GlucoSulfate KCL 180c

SKU: KR0013
Karuna GlucoSulfate KCL 180c. Chondroprotection is an important new concept in rheumatology, referring to the use of agents that actually build and protect the joint surfaces, rather than merely suppressing symptomatic expressions of joint erosion. Glucosamine salts have been shown clinically to enhance the range of motion and comfort of joints in individuals with joint problems. Glucosamine is an amino sugar and the core building block of mucopolysaccharides, which form a primary component of the ground substance of articular cartilage. Recent research has shown significant joint protection after three years in subjects taking glucosamine sulfate. Other supplements containing glucosamine hydrochloride, rather than the sulfate salt, do not appear to reliably benefit joint health. A recent report suggested that the sulfate portion might be a key factor in the effectiveness of glucosamine sulfate. Potassium chloride (KCl) is a more expensive but preferred stabilizer of glucosamine sulfate.

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