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Karuna Cal/Mag Liquid 2:1 32oz

SKU: KR0124
Karuna Cal/Mag Liquid 2:1 32oz is a comprehensive formula of bone support nutrients in a convenient liquid delivery system. Liquid supplement formulations are often more convenient for many patients, are easier to swallow, and may be more efficiently absorbed. Cal/Mag Liquid is a balanced blend of several micronutrients known to be important for supporting the development and maintenance of bone throughout the lifespan. Calcium supplements, especially when combined with vitamin D, can prevent common deficiencies that lead to inadequate bone formation and early bone loss. Calcium citrate/malate has demonstrated superior absorption to other forms in virtually all comparative studies. Magnesium intake is low in several high-risk groups, and supplementation helps to optimize parathyroid hormone levels and bone turnover rate, resulting in increased bone density.

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