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iSpot Lyme Blood Test

SKU: 5200
iSpot Lyme Blood Test
The iSpot Lyme™ test detects B. burgdorferi-specific T cell responses in patients who have been exposed to a B. burgdorferi spirochete. Individuals who have been infected harbor B. burgdorferi-specific immune cells (T cells) in their bloodstream. Typically, these T cells can be detected before an antibody response. The T cell response to Lyme infection is detectible about 2 weeks after the tick bite, and lasts approximately 2-3 months after the acute phase of infection. B. burgdorferi-specific memory T cells develop and may last for years.
This test measures frequency of antigen-specific T-cells by identifying T cells that are specific for Lyme antigens. This is indicative of exposure to Lyme. A single result is reported that is obtained by measuring interferon gamma (IFN- γ) secreted by T cells in response to stimulation by the B. burgdorferi antigens DbpA, OspC, p100, and VlsE-1.
Doctors order provided
Blodd draw fee not included
You receive the results in 2-3 weeks by email.
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