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IP Formulas Pure Saffron Extract Liquid 2 oz

SKU: saf-234
Saffron extract is a natural ingredient commonly used in the kitchen, it originates from a flower which is named the crocus sativus.
Studies have been published that indicate that saffron extract can be successful in reducing appetite and improving mood.
How does Saffron Extract aid with weight loss?
The main reason behind the reported success of the ingredient is due to its ability to increase Serotonin.
Serotonin is a very important hormone for weight loss, as this has a direct influence on how full you feel. If correctly controlled, you can be made to feel much fuller than you really are, allowing you to cut down your calorie intake.
Pure saffron will help you reduce the amount of food you eat and help you get a grip on food cravings.
Why liquid Saffron Drops?
Our sublingual liquid drops are absorbed directly into your blood stream. They are 500 times more absorbable than capsules or pills.

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