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Innate Response Vessel Defense 60c

SKU: IN0173
Innate Response Vessel Defense 60c. The blood vessels can be considered the lifelines of the human body. They serve to provide nourishment by transporting blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients, throughout the body. The actual transport of nutrients is heavily dependent on the permeability and integrity of the vessels. They are also integral to other physiologic aspects within the body such as inflammatory responses and cardiovascular function. INNATE Vessel Defense was designed to help maintain and promote the anatomical and physiologic integrity of this crucial transport system.*
Hibiscus, Hawthorne & Grape Seed Extract
Hibiscus has been found to promote an already healthy fluid balance and support healthy blood vessel integrity.* In clinical trials, participants drinking hibiscus tea experienced significant support for healthy blood pressure levels already within normal limits.1*
Hawthorne contains a variety of bioflavonoids that appear to be primarily responsible for the cardiac support the plant has to offer. Flavonoids found in hawthorn include oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs), vitexin, vitexin 4’-O-rhamnoside, quercetin and hyperoside. These compounds are often standardized and are widely used to support the health and integrity of the blood vessels.*
Grape seed extract is known to help support healthy vessels by utilizing antioxidants, which may help protect blood vessels from damage.

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