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Innate Response Proteolytic Enzyme Clinical 120c

SKU: IN0174
Innate Response Proteolytic Enzyme Clinical 120c provides support to the joint and musculoskeletal system unlike any other product offered by Innate Response.* This formula is a systemic enzyme formulation carefully crafted to contain specific enzymes that have been clinically studied to show the support of numerous processes in the body and that have been applied in clinical practice for decades.*
Proteolytic enzymes (proteases) help you digest the proteins in food. Although your body produces these enzymes in the pancreas, certain foods also contain proteolytic enzymes.
One of the primary therapeutic uses for proteolytic enzymes is as a digestive aid for people who have occasional difficulty digesting proteins. Proteolytic enzymes however, may also support an already healthy level of inflammation systemically.*
The Power of Proteolytic Enzymes
Bromelain: As a supplement, it is considered to have the capability to help maintain an already healthy inflammatory response.*
Rutin: Rutin shows supportive activity in the area of a healthy inflammatory response.* It also demonstrates supportive capabilities relative to blood platelet activity as well as capillary permeability.*
Trypsin: Trypsin provides key support for both digestive function and to help maintain normal inflammatory responses throughout the body.

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