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GUNA Biotherapeutics Guna-Brain 30t


GUNA Biotherapeutics Guna-Brain 30t is an ideal formulation where all ingredients act perfectly in synergy on the most important mechanisms of the brain function.

Slowing Down:


Hinders Brain Aging
-Boosts Memory and Cognitinve Capacities
-Helps a Quick Recovery of Mental Efficiency
-Is an effective food supplement that slows down the
development of Neurological pathologies
-Fights against free radicals in the brain and in
the blood vessels

Average Per Tablet
Energetic value
... 1,7 kcal / 7.1 kJ
Proteins (N x 6,25) ... 0g
Carbohydrates ... 0,160g
of which polyalcohols ... 0,016g
Lipids ... 0g
Coenzyme Q10 ... 20mg
Selenium ... 50mcg
Manganese ... 5mg
N-acetylcysteine ... 250mg
Green Tea dry extract ... 100mg
Withania somnifera dry extract ... 100mg

Inactive fillers: Microcrystalline cellulose, Calcium diphosphate; N-acetylcysteine, Green tea (Camellia sinensis, leaves) dry extract titrated 98% polyphenols (40% EGCG), Withania somnifera root dry extract titrated 5% withanolides; anti-agglomerating agents: cross-linked Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Magnesium stearate from vegetable sources, Silicon dioxide, Stearic acid from vegetable sources; Coenzyme Q10; Coating agent: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; Manganese carbonate; Stabilizer: Polyvinyl polypyrrolidone; Seleno-methionine; Colouring agents: Titanium dioxide, Copper chlorophyllin.

About the Manufacturer

GUNA Method’s innovative approach combines the essential elements of allopathy and homeopathy; integrating the allopathic element related to  diagnostic technology and modern physiology, whereas evidence based homeopathy provides the therapeutic effects.

Physiological Regulating Medicine adds to classical homeopathy a new therapeutic concept of restoring physiology through communicating molecules such as hormones, neuropeptides, interleukins, and growth factors prepared in homeopathic dilutions, which are at the same physiological concentration as the biological milieu.

GUNA ingredients act on 5 different levels:


  • DETOXIFICATION: A detoxified and drainedextra-cellular matrix absorbs oxygen and nutrients adequately, allowing cellular receptors to be activated by the “therapeutic molecules”, thus enabling cells to perform their metabolic function. The organs of elimination, activated by specific detoxification ingredients, will be strengthened in their physiological excretory and toxin-release function.


  • P.N.E.I. RE-BALANCE: Modulating the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune axis in both directions, (psychosomatic and somatopsychic), is the essence of Physiological Regulating Therapy. In support of sophisticated biological mechanisms, homeopathic micro doses of: cytokines, hormones, neurotransmitters and selected homeopathic ingredients (herbal, mineral, or animal origin), reduce, modulate, and stimulate the reactivity of the three main biologic systems (nervous, immune and endocrine),  to rebalance their physiological functioning.


  • CELL METABOLIC SUPPORT: The action of the hormones, cytokines, or any homeopathic remedy on the cell membrane receptors would not be effective if the cell were not in the proper"energetic" condition to respond. Therefore, cell metabolic stimulation is a necessary step to assure therapeutic success. Vitamins, minerals, oligonutrients, and most importantly, homeopathic micro doses of Krebs Cycle salts and quinones, activate the mitochondria as energy reservoirs to restore the highest ATP synthesis capacity.


  • CELL NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: Nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) can have an essential role in maintaining or restoring health.  The most advanced research studies in nutrition have defined the typology, metabolic routes, and most importantly, the optimal amounts of each nutrient necessary for cellular nutrition. GUNA Products contain these small(oligos)and balanced (orto) amounts of amino acids, and vitamins necessary for proper cell nutrition. In addition,oligonutrients are incorporated to protect biological structures from free radicals, which are harmful in chronic and degenerative diseases, as well as in the aging process.


  • SYMPTOM CONTROL: The novel GUNA therapeutic concept results from scientific studies in the field of molecular biology, coupled withhomeopathic tradition. GUNA's nano-pharmacology technology is a process which utilizes homeopathic micro-doses of molecules at the same concentration as in the physiological milieu. These molecular micro-doses are capable of reactivating the appropriate biological immune response. Interleukins, neurotransmitters, homeopathic hormones, as well as classical homeopathic ingredients, work in synergistic coordination to reverse inflammatory processes and their resultant physiologic effects. The specific ingredients for each evolutionary phase of the inflammatory process (calor, dolor, rubor, tumor), are uniquely formulated to restore homeostatic balance with a considerable reduction in recovery time.


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