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GI Effects Complete Stool Analysis Profile

SKU: meta 2200
The GI Effects Comprehensive Profile uses the best of both culture-based and molecular approaches for stool-based gastrointestinal diagnostics. O&P technology can identify an unlimited number of parasites and is the gold standard diagnostic methodology for parasite detection, while PCR technology provides an expansive assessment of anaerobic gut microflora.
You receive the results by email.
Simple stool collection at home, mail to the lab.
Lab order provided.
Results take 2-3 weeks.
Eligable for Easy Pay Insurance Coverage. (Call 800 385-7863 for details)
Phone Consultations with a practitioner to review the results and determine a wellness plan are available for an additional fee.
Advantages of the GI Effects Stool Profile

Enhanced Clinical Utility
Clinical utility for parasite detection is enhanced with O&P technology, the current clinical diagnostic standard of care. Optimized Parasite Recovery (OPR) is Genova Diagnostics’ version of O&P technology which utilizes a concentration process to optimize parasite detection. Because the vast majority of commensal gut microflora are anaerobes that present culture challenges, microbial DNA analysis is utilized to optimize the assessment of gut microbial composition.

Why Use Stool Analysis?
Gastrointestinal function is important for general health. The intestinal tract contains significant amounts of bacteria which, when imbalanced, have been associated with IBS and IBD, immune disorders, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Balancing gut microflora is key for optimizing digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as metabolic functions. Poor digestion and malabsorption can lead to immune dysfunction, nutritional insufficiencies, mental/emotional disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Anaerobes, making up over 95 percent of microbiota in the gut, can be identified using GI Effects.
Using O&P (OPR) technology, an unlimited number of parasites can be detected. To date, over 40 parasitic organisms have been identified.
Adiposity Index
Measures imbalances of the two predominant bacterial groups in the human GI tract, bacteroidetes and firmicutes, which have been associated with obesity in some studies.
Indicates absorption issues with elevated levels of long-chain fatty acids, cholesterol, or total fat (the sum of gut lipids).
Lactoferrin is a marker of gut immune function, and is clinically utilized to identify the presence of gastrointestinal inflammation.
Pharmaceutical and botanical sensitivities are included.

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