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Genova Diagnostics Optimal Nutrition Evaluation

BrandGenova Diagnostics

Sample Report

Genova Diagnostics Optimal Nutrition Evaluation is three tests in one! Amino acids, organic acids, and oxidative stress analysis for one low price. Provides insight into disease risk and treatment options. Assess Gastrointestinal dysfunction, detoxification and methylation, neurotransmitter imbalance, and need for probiotics.

  • Purchase on our secure website.
  • Lab order is provided by us.
  • You receive a collection kit for saliva, urine, or finger stick to collect at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require a blood draw at a local lab.
  • You receive the results by email within 2-3 weeks.
  • Have Medicaret insurance? Some tests are covered. Call 800 385-7863 for more information.

Sample Report

Even if you are eating a "balanced" or healthy diet and taking supplements, your body could still lack vital and necessary nutrition. The easiest comprehensive nutrition test available, the ONE requires only the first urine sample of the morning. The ONE will help your doctor understand your individual diet and supplementation needs.

This unique profile:

  • Evaluates overall nutritional status
  • Assesses the functional need for vitamins and minerals
  • Provides specific personalized recommendations for supplementation
  • Includes an innovative "Interpretation at a Glance"

Concise-Easy Interpretation
Provides clear personalized recommendations for treatment

  • Anti-oxidants
  • B-vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Essential co-factors
  • Amino acids

The ONE - Optimal Nutrition Evaluation - consists of:

Metabolic Analysis measuring 39 key organic acids to evaluate gastrointestinal function,methylation, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and functional need for vitamins, minerals, and co-factors.

Amino Acid Analysis measuring 38 amino acids to evaluate dietary protein adequacy, digestion, absorption, amino acid transport, metabolic impairments, and nutritional deficits; including essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Oxidative Stress Analysis is a sensitive tool to evaluate the body's anti-oxidant reserves and the presence of oxidative injury.

About the Manufacturer

Genova Diagnostics and Metametrix have merged.

Genova Diagnostics is a global leader in functional laboratory testing, pioneering innovative new approaches to personalized medicine.

These tests focus on wellness, and prevention and allow you to take an active role in managing your health.Functional testing is designed to help identify problems before chronic conditions and diseases develop. Unlike traditional labs that focus on disease pathology, Genova and Metametrix specializes in comprehensive panels that combine standard and innovative biomarkers to provide a more complete understanding of specific biological systems. Insurance billing for these tests requires a phone consult with one of our practitioners to determine which test is right for you and to assign the code required by your insurance company.

Want to find the cause of your symptoms?

1. Purchase your labtest online.

2. The Lab order is provided by us.

3. Collect your saliva, urine, or fingerstick at home and mail to the lab. Some tests require blood draw at a lab of your choosing.

4. You receive the results by email within 2-3 weeks.

5. Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test.

Not available in MD. Some tests not available in NY.

How do I know what test I need?

1. If you are already working with a practitioner ask them.

2. Call our office to schedule a phone consultation and get recommendations from our wellness practitioners.

3. Use our Genova-Metametrix test selection guide.

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