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Gastrointestinal Tests

Many chronic disorders come from digestive problems and inadequate nutrient absorption. Proper gastrointestinal function is needed to eliminate toxic substances, pathogenic microbes, and undigested food particles from the body to prevent health problems. Nutrients require a specific internal environment to be properly digested and transported throughout the body.

Symptoms associated with GI disorders include persistent diarrhea, constipation, bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and malabsorption. Precise identification of pathogenic species and susceptibility testing greatly facilitates selection of the most appropriate pharmaceutical or natural treatment agent(s). Important information regarding the efficiency of digestion and absorption can be gleaned from the measurement of the fecal levels of elastase (pancreatic exocrine sufficiency), muscle and vegetable fibers, carbohydrates, and steatocrit (% total fat).

You collect the sample at home and mail to the lab. Doctors order provided, you receive the results. Phone consultations are available to review the results for a small fee. Not available in NY or MD.

Candida Antibodies Test Finger Stick

Price $149.00
Sku us bio candid

Comprehensive Stool Analysis (CSA) by Doctors Data

Price $275.00

Comprehensive Stool Analysis w/Parasitology x1

Price $319.00
Sku doctors data

Comprehensive Stool Analysis w/Parasitology x3 by Doctors Data

Price $399.00

Gastrointestinal Health Panel by Diagnos-Techs

Price $315.00

Genova Diagnostics Bacterial Overgrowth of the Small Intestine Test

Price $179.00
Sku gengdx

Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

Price $329.00
Sku cdsa

Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0 W/Parasitology

Price $349.00
Sku genov04

Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis/Parasitology (CDSA/P)

Price $379.00
Sku GENO335

Genova Diagnostics Intestinal Permeability Assessment

Price $99.00
Sku gen32

GI Effects Complete Stool Analysis Profile

Price $507.00
Sku meta 2200

Intestinal Permeability Test-Leaky Gut SyndromeTest

Price $245.00
Sku cy-array2

Yeast Panel (Stool) by Diagnos-techs

Price $100.00
Sku dignos

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