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Food Safe Allergy Test Food Sensitivity Test

SKU: merid ofc
The Food Safe Allergy Test is a bloodspot finger prick test for food allergies that you can do yourself. It measures the total IgG antibodies that cause adverse food reactions or allergies to common food allergens (95 foods tested). Food IgG levels increase in response to the presence of the food antigens in the bloodstream, especially those foods eaten often such as corn, wheat, soy, and egg. IgG responses may cause delayed symptoms, such as joint or muscle pain, chronic headaches, fatigue, eczema, and psoriasis. Since IgG reactions often occur hours or days after particular foods are consumed, correlating symptoms can be difficult. The reactions can be subtle or severe, and may lead to chronic (long-term) symptoms and chronic degenerative conditions.

Purchase on our secure website.
Lab order is provided by us.
You receive a collection kit for finger stick to collect at home and mail to the lab.
You receive the results by mail within 2-3 weeks.
Practitioner phone consultations available, some included with test.

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