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Speaker Opportunities

Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of David J. Scheiderer MD, MBA, DFAPA to the post of Director of Education. Dr. Scheiderer, an award winning clinician and educator, brings a wealth of experience and aptitude to this newly created position. He has consulted with both academia and industry to create and disseminate high quality education activities for over 25 years.

At Integrative Psychiatry (IP), our core focus is to improve the quality of your life as an individual. We accomplish this by tailoring our broad array of diagnostic tests and treatments to your particular symptoms, sources of stress, and set of circumstances.

To extend our reach and potentially help more people, we have also developed a comprehensive portfolio of educational and consultative services.


Just as we customize our clinical and consultative services to meet your specific needs, we offer a wide range of educational programs – lectures, webinars, and seminars, keynotes – to address the unique needs of your group or organization.

So passionately do we believe in our approach to building and maintaining health that we would love to share it with you and those you serve.

Contact us today to book Dr.Scheiderer at your next webinar or conference.

Check out some past webinars by Dr. Dave!

Our Stresses, Our Hormones & Our Moods – The HPA Axis.



“Dr. David Scheiderer stands out as a presenter for an obvious, but uncommon reason. As you participate in one of his lectures, it is clear that he is in full command of the material being presented; presenting it in a way that blends both the theoretical understanding of the material as well as its practical application. However, what causes Dr. Scheiderer to stand out from his peers is his unique ability to transform the lecture into a true learning experience, not just an information download. Regardless of their familiarity with the topic, audience members will walk away from the lecture confident that the time spent listening and interacting with Dr. Scheiderer was a valuable use of their time. Not only will they feel more informed about the subject matter, but they will carry with them a sense of excitement and be motivated to learn more.”

Aaron McIlwain

Associate Marketing Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company


“A few years ago, I heard you speak. At that time, I thought you were one of the best speakers I had heard. Today, you were even more stellar than the last time. Although I am familiar with the material you presented, you made it fresh and compelling and taught me something new. Thank you for the lump-in-my-throat reminder about the importance of the work we do. I am honored to know you.”

Tracey Skale, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

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