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Ecological Formulas Monolaurin (Lauric Acid) 300mg 90c

BrandEcological Formulas

Ecological Formulas Monolaurin (Lauric Acid) 300mg 90c is an anti-microbial agent that protects the immune system from a range of infectious agents. Monolaurin is a glyceride ester derivative of lauric acid, a fatty acid found naturally in breast milk and certain vegetable oils. This fatty acid has been used as a germicidal agent for centuries.

Monolaurin (Lauric Acid) 300mg 90 cap
Lauric acid was originally discovered when microbiologists studied human breast milk to determine the antiviral substances which protected infants from microbial infections. It has been shown to protect newborns, whose immune systems are underdeveloped, from Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and other respiratory tract viruses. Monolaurin was found to have even greater viral activity than lauric acid. As a dietary supplement, Monolaurin has shown exciting results as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.
Lauric Acid in a base of inosine 300 mg.

Other Ingredients: Calcium Phosphate.

Naturally in breast milk. It is also available in laurisine and viricidin.

1 to 2 caps daily with meals.

Source is coconut oil.

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