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DUTCH Comprehensive Adrenal Analysis urine

BrandPrecision Analytical

The DUTCH adrenal gives you the full picture. Easier collection, this is a dried urine test, no more spitting in tubes! What is actually meas ured in urine? In blood, mos t hormones are bound to binding poteins . A small fraction of the total hormone levels are "free" and unbound s uch that they are active hormones . Thes e free hormones are not found readily in urine except for cortis ol and cortis one (becaus e they are much more water s oluble than, for example, tes tos terone). As s uch, free cortis ol and cortis one can be meas ured in urine and it is this meas urement that nearly all urinary cortis ol res earch is bas ed upon. In the DUTCH Adrenal Profile the diurnal patterns of free cortis ol and cortis one are meas ured by LC-MS/MS. 

The most comprehensive method of adrenal analysis.
Only DUTCH gives the results for free cortisol AND
Tests for free and metabolized cortisol levels plus DHEA.

Urine collection 4 times in one day. (not for patients with impairred kidney function)

Available in the US and Internationally!




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