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Douglas Labs Nattosyn 60 vcaps

SKU: DL0510
Douglas Labs Nattosyn 60 vcaps contain a synergistic combination of nattokinase, hesperidin methyl chalcone and pomegranate extract, designed to provide comprehensive support for circulatory health. Nattosyn may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals wishing to support proper circulation and vascular function. Nattosyn combines three unique vascular supportive ingredients in one product. Since healthy circulation is an integral part of maintaining proper cardiovascular health, it is important to include nutrients that support the functioning of a healthy circulatory system, including healthy blood flow. NattoKinase – Support for Healthy Blood Flow† Traditionally, Asian cultures have incorporated significant amounts of soy products in their diets. One such product, natto, is a type of vegetable cheese that is produced from the fermentation of soy with a non-pathogenic bacterium, Bacillus natto.

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