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Douglas Labs Mycoceutics 120 capsules

SKU: AM0135
Douglas Labs Mycoceutics 120 capsules is a rich source of Beta-1, 3-Glucan for the immune sytem. Ten of the most beneficial medicinal mushrooms known are combined in this sophisticated formulation. Mushrooms used in Myoceutics contain a wide range of active constituents including several forms of beta-glucans (-1,3-,-1,4-, and -1,6-). These potent immune-enhancing polysaccharides stimulate activity of macrophage cells that govern the immune system. To ensure consistent benefit, the Mycoceutics formula is fortified with an additional 30 mg of Beta-1,3-Glucan derived from purified yeast. This unique combination of organically grown mushrooms and beta-glucans yields a highly useful dietary supplement to strengthen immune defenses naturally.

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