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Douglas Labs Pecta-Sol 90c

SKU: DL0229
Douglas Labs Pecta-Sol 90c is a complex polysaccharide rich in galactosyl residues. Ordinary pectin is a complex carbohydrate molecule found in almost all plants, which is not absorbed due to its long molecular chain. Pecta-Sol��s exclusive formulation and processing result in a shorter molecular chain that is readily absorbed, thus allowing the body to utilize the essential polysaccharide compounds. Pecta-Sol� was developed by a research and development team working with the world�s leading pectin scientists. Pecta-Sol� is manufactured to GMP/ISO-9001 standards. Meets requirements of GRAS, CAS, WHO, EC, FCC. Pecta-Sol� is a trademark of ecoNugenicsPecta-Sol.

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