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Designs for Health TRF 350 (Tissue Regeneration Factor) 30vcaps

SKU: DF0331
Designs for Health TRF 350 (Tissue Regeneration Factor) 30vcaps is an ideal first line defense for any stage of osteoporosis, broken or fractured bones, and for any condition in need of joint or cartilage repair. It is effective in helping to maintain joint homeostasis, the stable equilibrium of well-functioning components in a joint (such as the synovial membrane and cartilage matrix) without the presence of in?ammation. When joint homeostasis is disturbed, this equilibrium is affected and issues such as inflammation and various degenerative joint diseases can develop. TRF works by addressing the pathways that cause cartilage to degrade, as well as the ensuing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions. It is involved in the maintenance and repair of articular cartilage, which covers the surface of a joint where the ends of bones meet. When this cartilage becomes damaged, the bones will grind against each other instead of having a smooth, fluid movement. Since there is no direct blood supply to cartilage, damage to these areas from injuries, misuse, or overuse leads to pain and inflammation with potentially extended recovery time.

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