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Designs for Health DFH Complete Multi w/ Copper (iron-free) 180c

SKU: DF0291
Designs for Health DFH Complete Multi w/ Copper (iron-free) 180c contains 2 mg of copper, and is ideal for anyone who is copper-deficient. This is a stabilized mineral chelate from Albion (as copper glycinate chelate), so there is no risk of free copper in the body, which could cause oxidative stress. This comprehensive multi also includes additional Albion chelated minerals for maximum bioavailability, high gamma tocopherol vitamin E, natural mixed carotenoids from the palm tree fruit—the best source of preformed vitamin A—and additional supportive nutrients not typically found in multivitamins such as alpha lipoic acid, TMG, fruit bioflavonoids and choline and inositol. DFH Complete Multi with Copper contains a significant dose of all the B vitamins so easily depleted by stress (B12 in the preferred methylcobalamin form), 1000 IU of vitamin D, 500 mcg of vitamin K-1 (phytonadione), 50 mcg of vitamin K-2 (menaquinone), and calcium and magnesium in a 1:2 ratio. Selenium and iodine are found together in balance since it is crucial that the body has both for healthy thyroid function.

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