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Designs for Health ArthroSoothe Supreme 120c

SKU: DF0319
Designs for Health ArthroSoothe Supreme 120c contains the exact comprehensive array of joint supportive nutraceuticals as our standard ArthroSoothe™ along with the revolutionary tissue regeneration factor or TRF (as Cyplexinol™ PRO).
TRF is a bone-derived complex containing collagen and biologically active proteins known as Body/Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs). These BMPs are the components that activate the cartilage-forming process, which is necessary for joint integrity and regeneration. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect as they help to suppress major inflammatory cytokines, leading to the restoration of joint and cartilage homeostasis, and thus help to relieve pain.
TRF works synergistically with glucosamine sulfate and helps to make ArthroSoothe Supreme™ an ideal choice for more serious cartilage deterioration and injuries.
•Gives the body the essential building blocks and nutrients for joint repair
•Reduces free radicals and inflammation which should lessen wear and tear on the joints and in-between spinal vertebrae
•Reduces the potential for the body to attack its own joint tissue
Please see our corresponding technical sheet on TRF 150™ for detailed product information and related research studies on Tissue Regeneration Factor.

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