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D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Multimineral 120c

BrandD'Adamo Personalized Nutrition

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Multimineral 120c is a blend of over 15 minerals, trace nutrients, and co-factors optimized for all Blood Types and all GenoTypes. Dr. D’Adamo’s new Multi-mineral formula features his unique source of highly bio-available sea calcium, composed of a wide variety of essential trace nutrients. The formula also features an optimal amount of the heavily researched vitamin D.

Easily assimilated and well tolerated, GenoType Multimineral, when used together with the GenoType Multivitamin formula, work in harmony with both your specific Blood Type formulas or your GenoType Activator, Catalyst, and Synergist formulas.

GenoType MultiMineral highlights:

Vitamin D:

Hundreds of new studies are pointing to "the sunshine vitamin" as a potent, and often-overlooked nutrient:

Known historically for protecting bone, research is also revealing vitamin D preserves muscle strength, and helps to regulate cell growth, immunity, and energy metabolism.

Of particular interest is the research into vitamin D’s benefits for preserving muscle strength. Leg weakness is a common symptom of severe vitamin D deficiency. One study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reported that blood concentration of vitamin D directly correlated with leg strength and function in elderly people.

If you live on a tropical island, chances are your body converts enough sun exposure into vitamin D in the body. However, people in the industrial world lag behind in this increasingly fundamental nutrient. Most find it difficult to get the currently recommended daily amount of vitamin D to protect bone health, let alone get enough vitamin D to enjoy the other benefits research is now uncovering.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, and some Blood Types (such as Type A) and GenoTypes (Type A Teacher) have a harder time digesting dietary fat due to lower intestinal alkaline phosphatase. It’s recommended that these types take extra daily vitamin D. In addition, the NIH recommends, "Vitamin D deficient diets are associated with milk allergy, lactose intolerance, and strict vegetarianism." Type A and Teacher diets are largely vegetarian and restrict milk intake. Therefore, Dr. D’Adamo includes vitamin D in the Teacher supplements.


Maerl Sea Calcium:

Maerl is a small red seaweed found only in isolated areas off the southwest coast of Ireland, and has been found to be one of the few sources of calcium to be highly bioavailable to all blood and GenoTypes.

Maerl has one of the lowest levels of undesirable contaminants. Maerl is composed of a wide variety of essential nutrients including calcium and trace amounts of magnesium, boron and zinc. Its superior buffering capacity allows Maerl-based sea calcium to maintain very high rates of absorption and therefore a phenomenal rate of bioavailability.

Drynaria Root 5:1 Extract:

This emerging Chinese herb has a wide range of benefits in traditional medicine. Dr. D’Adamo blends drynaria to his MultiMineral formula to support bone health.


Vitamin D 800 IU

Calcium 300mg

Magnesium 100mg

Zinc 5mg

Copper 2mg

Manganese 2mg

Chromium 50mcg

Molybdenum 5mcg

Potassium 10mg


Drynaria fortunei Root 5:1 Extract

Horsetail Herb (from Equisetum ravens) 25mg

Rehmannia glutinosa Root 15mg

Boron 1mg

Vanadium 15mcg

About the Manufacturer

Some of the benefits of using North American Pharmacal Right For Your Type products:

  • A Superior Philosophy of Employment. When you know specific information about your biochemical individuality, using supplements can become much more effective. For example, in blood type A, the absorption of certain minerals is enhanced by pairing them with specific amino acids.

  • Proper Dosage. Many supplements have unnecessary high doses of nutrients, introducing the risk of supplement overdose at one end, and wastefulness at the other. When we target supplement design to the individual, it assures not just the effective dose, but rather the proper dose: the minimum amount necessary to do the job.

  • Unstinting Quality. I've been designing and testing natural products for over three decades. Over the years I've seen many changes; small, artisan-based companies that took pride in their delivery, education and techniques being replaced by corporate systems indistinguishable from any other industry, staffed by people who would just as soon sell you a mobile phone contract. Under these circumstances cost-cutting becomes company policy. But does the cost-cutting lead to loss of quality? Very often. At NAP we just don't think that way. These are the same supplements that I give my kids, prescribe to my patients, and take myself. Larch is a good example. Most larch products in the marketplace are food-grade, with a high gum content. NAP always uses nutraceutical grade larch.

  • Science Based. Quality involves much more than just delivering what is promised on the label. For example, NAP uses a sea-plant derived calcium to make its PHYTOCAL series of individualized multiminerals. It is only found in one location in the ocean off the Beara Peninsula, in South Western Ireland. Our sea calcium grows for around five years in the crystal clear, pollution-free Atlantic waters, absorbing minerals and nutrients from the sea. The seaweed then falls to the ocean bed, where it becomes calcified. Local tidal patterns wash and gather it into one deep bed, the location of which is known to only a few people. We were the first company to market larch arabinogalactan (ARA6), now a staple of natural immune enhancement, almost twenty years ago.

  • Education, Not Marketing. Many stores will not stock NAP products because they consider the educational curve 'too steep.' Why spend an hour with a client explaining lectins (and perhaps educating yourself) when the vitamin E and calcium on the shelf just sell themselves? We strive to deliver high quality educational content with our products. Our customer service folks are enthusiastic followers of the diet themselves. When you see an NAP product on a store shelf, that's the sign of a store that is really interested in taking the time to help people.
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