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D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Hunter Activator 60c

BrandD'Adamo Personalized Nutrition

D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition Hunter Activator 60c is designed to offset the catabolic (cellular breakdown) tendencies that can cause many of the common health problems seen in the Hunter GenoType. These catabolic waste products are often the result of insufficient cellular detoxification (ubiquinylation), a common tendency in Hunters.

Hunter Activator Supplement Strategy:

  • Holy Basil: Is regarded as one of the most important plants used in Ayurvedic medicine. In the past decade or so a number of scientific studies have looked at holy basil holy basil may help counteract the effects of stress. Holy Basil supports healthy cortisol, insulin metabolism, and blood sugar already in the normal range*
  • Turmeric/Curcumin: The active ingredients in Curcuma longa are a group of plant substances called curcuminoids. Known collectively as "curcumin", curcuminoids have demonstrated potent antioxidant properties in scientific studies. Curcuminoids benefit joints and other tissues by helping to neutralize free-radicals. Through its antioxidant mechanisms, curcumin supports colon health, exerts neuroprotective activity and helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Rhodiola: Rhodiola rosea has been categorized as an adaptogen by Russian researchers due to its observed ability to increase resistance to a variety of chemical, biological, and physical stressors. Rhodiola rosea appears to offer generalized resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stressors.
  • Pantethine: A naturally occurring compound and the active form of pantothenic acid. Research has demonstrated that pantethine, when taken orally, can be used for lowering cholesterol. It is also used for lowering cardiovsacular risk, improving energy, improving adrenal function, and preventing allergy symptoms.
  • L-Theanine: is the major amino acid found in green tea and appears to be a relaxant that increases alpha-waves, producing mental and physical relaxation while decreasing stress and anxiety, without inducing drowsiness.


Serving Size: 1 capsule

Amount Per Serving:
... 50mcg
Holy Basil 10:1 Herb Extract ... 100mg
(ocumum Tenuiflorium)
D-Pantethine ... 50mg
Curcumin C3 Complex® ...50mg
L-Theanine ... 50mg
Rhodiola rosea Fruit Extract ... 50mg
(standardized to 1% salidrosides)
GenoPLex Proprietarty Blend ... 125mg
(Turmeric (Curcuma longa Root),
Green Tea Extract (from Camilla sinensis leaf)
Garlic bulb (allium sativum),Dandelion Leaf
(Taraxacum officinale), Bilberry fruit extract (Vaccinium mytillis),
and Black Cherry Fruit Extract (Prunus serotina).

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, L-Leucine, Magnesium Citrate and Silica.

Curcumin C3 Complex® is a patented product of Sabina corporation, It is a
standardized extract of Curcuma longa, which contains a minimum of 95%
concentration of curcumin, bisdemethoxy curcumin, adn demethoxy curcumin.

About the Manufacturer

Some of the benefits of using North American Pharmacal Right For Your Type products:

  • A Superior Philosophy of Employment. When you know specific information about your biochemical individuality, using supplements can become much more effective. For example, in blood type A, the absorption of certain minerals is enhanced by pairing them with specific amino acids.

  • Proper Dosage. Many supplements have unnecessary high doses of nutrients, introducing the risk of supplement overdose at one end, and wastefulness at the other. When we target supplement design to the individual, it assures not just the effective dose, but rather the proper dose: the minimum amount necessary to do the job.

  • Unstinting Quality. I've been designing and testing natural products for over three decades. Over the years I've seen many changes; small, artisan-based companies that took pride in their delivery, education and techniques being replaced by corporate systems indistinguishable from any other industry, staffed by people who would just as soon sell you a mobile phone contract. Under these circumstances cost-cutting becomes company policy. But does the cost-cutting lead to loss of quality? Very often. At NAP we just don't think that way. These are the same supplements that I give my kids, prescribe to my patients, and take myself. Larch is a good example. Most larch products in the marketplace are food-grade, with a high gum content. NAP always uses nutraceutical grade larch.

  • Science Based. Quality involves much more than just delivering what is promised on the label. For example, NAP uses a sea-plant derived calcium to make its PHYTOCAL series of individualized multiminerals. It is only found in one location in the ocean off the Beara Peninsula, in South Western Ireland. Our sea calcium grows for around five years in the crystal clear, pollution-free Atlantic waters, absorbing minerals and nutrients from the sea. The seaweed then falls to the ocean bed, where it becomes calcified. Local tidal patterns wash and gather it into one deep bed, the location of which is known to only a few people. We were the first company to market larch arabinogalactan (ARA6), now a staple of natural immune enhancement, almost twenty years ago.

  • Education, Not Marketing. Many stores will not stock NAP products because they consider the educational curve 'too steep.' Why spend an hour with a client explaining lectins (and perhaps educating yourself) when the vitamin E and calcium on the shelf just sell themselves? We strive to deliver high quality educational content with our products. Our customer service folks are enthusiastic followers of the diet themselves. When you see an NAP product on a store shelf, that's the sign of a store that is really interested in taking the time to help people.
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