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Blood Test

We offer a variety of lab test. Our blood test section is new and growing. A visit to your local lab is required. There are no additional fees or doctors order required. You take the test requisition to the lab and they draw your blood. You recieve a copy of the report within a few days for most test.

  • Select the test you want
  • Purchase it online
  • You are sent the test requisition to bring to the lab
  • Just bring ID and requisition to the lab
  • You recieve the results either by mail or email

Not available in MD, or NY.

Click Here to find the lab nearest to you!

Great Plains Laboratory Copper / Zinc Profile Blood Test

Price $215.00

Histamine Level Whole Blood

Price $85.00
Sku Direct081315

Vitamin D, 25-OH

Price $110.00

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