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Blood Spot Tests

Blood Spot Testing can help:

  • Identify hidden hormonal deficiencies associated with aging and disease, thyroid dysfunction and symptoms of menopause and andropause
  • Identify hidden Food Allergies
  • Maintain optimal health and prevent disease through early detection of hormonal balance
  • Link clinical symptoms to specific hormone imbalances flagged in testing
  • Restore hormonal balance and quality of life using test results as a rational basis for treatment
  • Monitor hormone levels for individualized, physiologic dosing of hormone replacement; and
  • Track progress with comparative history reports provided with follow-up testing.

Simple finger stick you do at home then mail to the lab. Doctors order provided, you receive the results. Practitioner consultations available. Not available in MD.


Aller Food Allergy Test 96 Food Panel

Price $229.00
Sku biotek aller

Complete Thyroid Profile

Price $240.00
Sku zrtthy

Female Blood Profile I (Blood Spot)

Price $189.00
Sku zrtfem1

Female Blood Profile II (Blood Spot)

Price $349.00
Sku zrtfem2

Male Blood Profile I (Blood Spot)

Price $189.00
Sku zrtmale1

Male Blood Profile II (Blood Spot)

Price $349.00
Sku zrtmale2

Metametrix Blood Spot IgG Food Antibody 30 Foods

Price $176.00
Sku 0076meta

Metametrix Bloodspot Amino Acid Assay

Price $255.00
Sku mm0113

Metametrix Fatty Acid Profile-Blood Spot

Price $139.00
Sku mm0241

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