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Vitamin Comparable to Namenda and Aricept-Class Medications for Alzheimer's Disease
May 12, 2014 in    
Vitamin Beats Namenda and is Comparable to Aricept-class Medications for Alzheimer’s Disease
The growing epidemic of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) inflicts incalculable emotional and economic havoc on millions of people around the globe. The annual death toll from AD in the United Stat [...]

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Integrative Psychiatry:  Putting Together the Pieces of Modern Mental Illness
Each year May is recognized as “Mental Health Awareness Month.” It seems appropriate at this time to articulate our unique brand of psychiatry and why we stand ahead of the field.
As our name implies, we here at the Integrative Psychiatry, Inc. (IP) practice an innovative model of [...]

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Alcohol and Its Effects - The Good and Bad
Apr 23, 2014 in Alcohol    
Drinking alcohol has its corresponding benefits and risks depending on how much you consume and how often you drink. Alcohol is a fermented beverage made from grains, fruits or vegetables. This beverage is commonly consumed during social events and celebrations. But for some, drinking alcohol is don [...]

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Vitamin D Protects Against Breast Cancer
Apr 15, 2014 in Vitamin Deficiency    
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Vitamin D is known to regulate genes that are important in the development and progression of breast cancer. Laboratory studies have shown anti-cancer effects of Vitamin D metabolites on 3 critical stages of breast tumor development: differ [...]

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The Pain-Depression-Anxiety Connection
Apr 7, 2014 in Vitamin Deficiency    
The Pain-Depression-Anxiety Connection
There is significant overlap among chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Pain can be a presenting symptom of these illnesses, and the experience of chronic pain can also lead to their development. In fact, they may be different presentations of similar [...]

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The Paleo Diet Health Benefits
Numerous diets have emerged over the past years as we become more conscious of our health and physique. Perhaps one of the new diets that grabbed the most attention is the Paleo diet. Celebrities and athletes alike have adopted this diet which fueled its growing popularity and extensive use.

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Anxiety Increases Risk of Stroke - Is It Time to Get Your Neurotransmitters Tested?
Anxiety Increases Risk of Stroke - Is It Time to Get Your Neurotransmitters Checked?
Not only are anxiety, fretfulness, worry, and angst among the most subjectively distressing of all symptoms, recent data have shown that they also are bad for your health. For example, research out of the Uni [...]

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Testing for Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity With Functional Genetics
Testing for Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity with Functional Genetics
I recently wrote a blog ( about a new line of testing – Functional Genetics – that we at Integrative Psychiatry believe will [...]

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Repairing Leaky Gut Improves Symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Repairing leaky gut improves symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome.
Do you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? If so, fix your leaky gut. There is now evidence that, as with many other Diseases of Civilization (DOCs), inflammation and oxidative stress play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome [...]

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