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Good Fats vs. Bad Fats: How Knowing Your Fats can Help You Feel Better and Reduce the Risk of Depression
Oct 10, 2012 in    

Everyone should know their fats because certain fats affect the body differently than others. Good fats are essential to keeping the body healthy, while bad fats may   lead to serious heath complications. Although the word ‘fat' is often thought of as something t [...]

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Travacor Review by Dr.
Aug 11, 2012 in Depression, Insomnia, Neurotransmitters    
Travcor Neuroscience. Travacor uses and review
Our own Dr. Dave reviews TravaCor and answers frequently asked questions about this product. View his informative presentation and slides on YouTube.

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Tips To Improve Your Sleep
Jan 7, 2012 in Depression    
Inability to get a good night's rest can be a major problem in the United States. In fact, insomnia affects up to 40% of Americans in a year, and 10-15% suffer from long-term insomnia.
Getting a good 7-8 hours of rest each night is very important to stay healthy mentally and physically. [...]

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ADHD alternative treatment
Sep 25, 2010 in Depression    
Kids are our future. Everyone loves kids by their natural behavior, curiosity to know the things around them. School going kids, studying their homework, playing games & everything they do, is loved by us. It is common to see kids not listening to their parents, skip meals, play for extra hours, [...]

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Natural Depression Remedies
Sep 22, 2010 in Depression    
Fast life, increased competition to grab one's share of pie, is leading men & women run continuously. Hectic work hours, changing life style are not only affecting the physical health, fitness but facts show that there is an buying prescription drugs online without a prescription ever incre [...]

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Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?
Losing weight is a tremendous challenge for many people. It can be very difficult to maintain a weight loss program, especially when it seems like nothing you do is making those unwanted pounds disappear. You may feel hungry all the time, or you may experience cravings; the more you try to limit you [...]

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Accutane & Medications Linked to Serious Side Effects – Depression and Suicide
Aug 29, 2010 in Depression, Health Conditions    
A medication used to treat severe cases of acne and skin ailments, Accutane remains a popular drug for thousands of people. Since its introduction to the market in 1982, the medication has been linked to a number of serious health risks including an increased risk of suicide, birth defects, ulcerati [...]

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Plaque on your Neurotransmitters?
Jul 4, 2010 in Neurotransmitters, Phosphatidylserine    

There are two types of memory, long-term and short-term. Patients with severe to moderate memory loss experience the deterioration of both long and short-term memory Levitra because of the damages to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh), which is considered to be essential for memory and [...]

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How Alkalizing Your Body Can Boost Your Health
Jun 23, 2010 in Neurotransmitters, Phosphatidylserine    
Most people are asking the importance of alkalizing the body and how it boosts the health. To explain further this important issue, it is essential to know first what comprises alkaline diet and its significance to maintain the correct pH of the body.
 The pH balance that we commonly hea [...]

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