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BioGenesis stands for value. We offer our products to you at competitive prices with uncompromising quality. The most expensive formula is the one that doesn’t work.

It has been said that there is “nothing new under the sun”. However, our goal is to provide you, the clinician with cutting edge tools to enhance your patients well being. We bring to you the latest tested and safe therapeutic products as they become available. We use state of the art delivery systems such as transdermals, liposomal topicals and intraorals, fully bonded and reacted mineral chelates with proven superior absorption and delivery to target tissues, and biologically active B vitamins.

Recently, we here at Integrative Psychiatry have been working very closely with Biogenesis on simplifying a general approach to adrenal burnout and fatigue.

In brief, adrenal/stress syndromes can be divided into three distinct but overlapping categories: Act Out ("Wired for sound"), Freeze Out ("Wired and tired"), and Burn Out ("Just plain tired"). Each of these stages is associated with specific symptoms and measurable biochemical imbalances.

Although we highly recommend Adrenal Testing, for many quite appropriate reasons, you may not opt for this. Either way, this treatment algorithm is desinged to help you select supplements based on which stage of adrenal burnout you are most likely to be in. Please refer to Dr. Dave's infographic to the right (click on image to enlarge) and the Adrenal Support Bundles PDF for further details.

As you can see from the graphics, it is important to know what your adrenal glands are doing (and particularly whether your individual stress syndrome is associated with high or low cortisol. Please follow this link for a more detailed discussion of Adrenal Fatigue.

General Adrenal Support Bundle

A question that often arises runs roughly as follows: "What if I don't know what stage of adrenal fatigue I'm in or what can I do even before the results of my testing come back?" That's where our General Adrenal Suport Bundle comes in:

  1. Omega 3-6-9
  2. Premiere Greens Multi
  3. Intestinal Repair Complex
  4. Ultra B Complex

This bundle is appropriate and safe for you to begin healing your adrenals even before you know for sure what your cortisol and other adrenal hormones and chemicals are doing.

Biogenesis 5-HTP 50 mg 120 vcaps

Price $45.79
Sku BI0118

Biogenesis Allihist relief(fromerly Bio-Allergy Plus) 90 vcaps

Price $34.00
Sku BI0062

Biogenesis Andro Plus 90c

Price $33.69
Sku BI0204

Biogenesis ArthroGenx Cream 2oz

Price $27.09
Sku BI0160

BioGenesis Bio-Adaptogen 60 vcaps

Price $38.79
Sku BI0061

Biogenesis Bio-Cleanse Plus Powder (Functional Food) 21svgs 798g (1.76Ibs)

Price $64.00
Sku BI0207

Biogenesis Bio-Fem PMS 90 vcaps

Price $37.49
Sku BI0065

BioGenesis Bio-Inflammatory Plus120 caps

Price $40.59
Sku BI0068

Biogenesis Bio-Inflammatory Plus 14svg

Price $64.00
Sku BI0126

Biogenesis Bio-Liv 90 caps

Price $26.79
Sku BI0031

Biogenesis Bio-Potent C 90 caps

Price $26.79
Sku BI0072

Biogenesis Bio-Prostate 120 vcaps

Price $45.79
Sku BI0073

BioGenesis Bio-Thyro 60 caps

Price $37.09
Sku BI0032

Biogenesis BioFocus French Vanilla 14svgs (1.7 Ibs)

Price $57.29
Sku BI0222

Biogenesis Cardio Protect 90c

Price $55.00
Sku BI0199

Biogenesis Dim Pro Plus 60 vcaps

Price $36.00

Biogenesis EPA/DHA 90 gels

Price $23.99
Sku BI0035

Biogenesis Garlic 7000 700mg 60 vcaps

Price $22.69
Sku BI0076

Biogenesis GlucoStat 180 vcaps

Price $50.99
Sku BI0008

Biogenesis Glutamine powder 300 gms

Price $49.99
Sku BI0089

BioGenesis Immune Balancing Complex 90 caps

Price $35.39
Sku BI0091

Biogenesis InflamaZyme 90c

Price $48.49
Sku BI0186

Biogenesis Multigreens 150 vcaps

Price $50.99
Sku BI0158

Biogenesis Muscle-Aid 135 gms

Price $36.09
Sku BI0057

Biogenesis OsteoGenesis ES(Extra Strength) 240c

Price $39.59
Sku BI0037

Biogenesis OxyATP 60 caps

Price $36.00
Sku BI0098

Biogenesis Panzyme 180 vcaps

Price $30.89
Sku BI0011

Biogenesis Phyto-Immune 60 caps

Price $28.89
Sku BI0100

Biogenesis Premiere Greens Multi 392g (.86 Ibs)

Price $49.99
Sku BI0221

Biogenesis Pro Flora Colonizer 60c

Price $32.00
Sku BI0040

Biogenesis Rejuvenate (Anti Aging Estriol Face Cream) 1.8 oz./51gm

Price $90.19
Sku BI0022

Biogenesis Resveratrol Plus Flavonoids 90c

Price $37.49
Sku BI0195

Biogenesis Ribo Zip 10.6 oz

Price $72.49

Biogenesis Sleep Factors 60c

Price $40.99
Sku BI0187

Biogenesis Tri-Magnesium 120 caps

Price $24.79
Sku BI0103

Biogenesis Ultra CoQ10 100 mg 60 caps

Price $47.39
Sku BI0108

Biogenesis Ultra EPA/DHA 90 gels

Price $50.19
Sku BI0145

Biogenesis Ultra Fiber Plus 450 gms

Price $35.00
Sku BI0146

Biogenesis Ultra Gest 90 caps

Price $24.99
Sku BI0056

Biogenesis Ultra Greens Goji Berry Bar

Price $47.88
Sku BI0201

Biogenesis Ultra Hematinic 60 caps

Price $20.79
Sku BI0114

Biogenesis Ultra Natal Prenatal Vitamin 90 caps

Price $30.00
Sku BI0200

Biogenesis Ultra Pure Whey Protein 2 lb

Price $59.50
Sku BI0110

Biogenesis UltraLean (Body Comp Formula) Chocolate 14svg

Price $45.19
Sku BI0170

Biogenesis UTI-MAX 60 vcaps

Price $33.29
Sku BI0115

Biogenesis VegiZyme 120 caps

Price $48.49
Sku BI0116

BioGenesis Vitamin D 4000 IU 90c

Price $17.59
Sku BI0196

Biogenesis Vitamin D3-K2 Emulsion 30ml/1oz

Price $19.59
Sku BI0205

Biogenesis Xylitol Gum Fruit 90 pcs

Price $13.59
Sku BI0085

Biogenesis Xylitol Peppermint Mints 90 pieces

Price $10.49
Sku BI0086

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