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Bezwecken HepaGlycyrrhizic 115g

SKU: BE0035
Bezwecken HepaGlycyrrhizic 115g is a combination of several key plant-derived ingredients which have been shown to exert many benefits in the nutritional support of liver disease including: Antihepatotoxic effects, Immune-enhancing actions, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer, Anti-viral (common cold, HIV and AIDS, viral hepatitis), Potentiation of interferon, Antiviral effects (acting as a choleretic). The formula can be taken as a maintenance dose (1/4 teaspoon) for persons who want to maintain a healthy liver or as a nutritional dose (1/2 teaspoon) for persons who want to reduce their level of liver enzymes and protect their liver from further damage caused most commonly by cirrhosis, hepatitis, prescription medications, alcohol and other diseases.

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