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Montiff ATP 25 mg 90 tabs


ATP - ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATE Is the energy source, found in mitochondria of all living cells, and necessary for healthy function of brain, and heart as well as for increased muscle strength and contractions.

Each enteric coated tablet contains: 25 mg. of pure ATP produced from biological fermentation.,

DIRECTIONS: 1-3 tablets up to three times a day or as needed, between meals.,

Caution: ATP is a very safe substance, however, it is not recommended for those with hypotension, due to,possible hypotensive effects.,


 Cellular energy production necessary for healthy heart and brain function as well,as energy for all living cells.,

 Has been used for patients with angina pectoris, and other coronary problems.,

 To increase muscular contractions, which is useful for athletes resulting in longer,and more vigorous workouts,

 Impaired muscle function problems.,

 Hepatic and Liver function,WHAT IS ATP,

 ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, is a molecule found in the mitochondria, and is,the energy source of all cells.,

 It is converted to ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) which is the energy necessary for,transmitting nerve cells, muscle contractions, and cell division.,

 As part of the Krebs cycle, it is involved in the metabolic process of amino acid and,carbohydrate metabolism.,

 Co-Q 10, Phosphocreatine, and alpha lipoic acid have an effect on the production,of ATP.,

About the Manufacturer


Montiff formulations are the most advanced available, based on the latest research at leading universities. The owner of Montiff, Don Tyson, is a leading expert on amino acid therapy and the use of nutraceuticals in the medical profession. Don Tyson, President of Montiff, is a leading expert in the field of amino acid therapy and use of nutraceuticals in the medical/health profession, and has been so far over 20 years. Montiff is introducing revolutionary advancements in nutraceuticals. Montiff products are listed in the PDR, and they have been enthusiastically received by all the doctors and customers who have been introduced to these outstanding compounds.

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