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Allergy Research Group Mucolyxir 0.3mcg 12ml

SKU: AL0247
Allergy Research Group Mucolyxir 0.3mcg 12ml is a DNA-based formulation in the Nanotech Nutrience� line. It utilizes DNA from Salmon to support respiratory health. Mucolyxir� Nanotech Nutrients� is a DNA-based formulation, utilizing DNA from wild Pacific salmon, that supports respiratory health. One method by which the body attempts to keep the lungs clear of mucus is to mount an immune response against the agent(s) causing the problem. When the attempts to eliminate foreign material fail, excessive DNA can build up from lysed white blood cells, resulting in viscous mucus. The small amount of DNA in Mucolyxir� may balance mucus levels via a regulatory mechanism. Based on pre-clinical investigations and clinical trials, Mucolyxir� appears to support cilia motion, and liquification and elimination of mucoid substance.

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