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Allergy Research Group Lutein 20mg 60sg

SKU: AL0203
Allergy Research Group Lutein 20mg 60sg is an antioxidant shown to be supportive for vision health. Contains FLORA GLO� Lutein, proven, patented and purified lutein from Kemin Foods, L.C. Lutein belongs to the carotenoid family of antioxidants. Lutein has been found in the eye, brain, breast and cervix. Research has shown lutein to be supportive for vision health. In the eye, it is found mainly in the macular region, as well as the entire retina, ciliary iris bodies and lens. As an antioxidant, lutein helps protect macular tissue from photo-oxidation by filtering blue light, and prevents oxidative damage by free radical quenching. Adequate levels of lutein in the eye may potentially be supportive in the absorption and dissipation of damaging UV radiation. Research shows that lutein supplementation can increase serum levels of lutein, and increase macular pigment density.

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