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Allergy Research Group GastroCleanse w/Psyllium 100c

SKU: AL0078
Allergy Research Group GastroCleanse w/Psyllium 100c is specially developed to provide nutritional support while gently cleansing the intestines. Formulated with psyllium husks (a dietary fiber) to cleanse the intestinal mucosal lining, and increase fecal bulk, potentially regulating transit time. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria that uses fiber to produce short-chain fatty acids, assisting in the regulation of microbiology and intestinal permeability. Some nutrients in this formula support blood flow within the intestinal capillary beds which may enhance the absorption of nutritional value from food, while other nutrients decrease the potential for the absorption of toxins and unfriendly microbes. Comprehensive formula for cleansing the small and large intestine.

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