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Allergy Research Group Cytolog Spray 4.2oz (125 ml)

SKU: AL0258
Allergy Research Group Cytolog Spray 4.2oz (125 ml) contains small peptides and other biomolecules extracted from bovine colostrum. Cytolog� is extracted from bovine colostrum, and contains a multitude of colostrum fractions, especially proline-rich-peptides (PRPs). PRPs are thought to contain active peptides (infopeptides) that can modulate cytokine levels in the body. PRPs are cytokine precursors which promote a normal immune response. The colostrum used to make Cytolog� is antibiotic free, from USDA Grade A dairies located in the Southwest United States. Only the first and second milkings after calving are utilized, and only low heat flash pasteurization and low heat indirect drying are used. Cytolog� does not contain the larger milk proteins, and only about 3% lactose. Every batch of Cytolog� is tested to be free of antibiotics, bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants. Provides broad spectrum immune balancing effects.

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