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Act Out, Burn Out, Freeze Out Paperback

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Stress is universal. In our fast-paced, demanding world, the “saber-tooth tiger” you battle may be a snarling traffic jam, or irate clients, patients or bosses. When stress is chronically activated, you set yourself up for three stages of stress syndrome: Act out, freeze out, burn out.
In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Dave explains:

How to recognize the signs of stress response
Simple steps to take to quickly get back on track
How to prevent burnout in the future
When you should seek medical help

Who needs it? Anyone who suffers from symptoms of stress: fatigue, fretfulness, worry, irritability, compulsive eating, sleeplessness, aches and pains and so on and so forth.
Why do you need it? Because your stress is as unique – causes, triggers, chemical and hormonal mediators – as you are.
How will it help? This eloquent easy-to-read little book will help you determine which of the three main stress syndromes – “Wired for Sound,” “Wired and Tired,” “ Just Plain Tired” – you have.
What else? “Act Out, Burn Out, Freeze Out” will also give you practical steps you can implement today to treat current symptoms of stress as well as prevent future stress syndromes.
Anything More? Dr. Dave’s book will teach you if, when, and how to seek help should you need it.

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