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Access Medical Labs Andropause Panel

BrandAccess Medical Labs

With The Access Medical Labs Andropause Panel you will be able to determine if you are undergoing the condition of Partial Androgen Deficiency, also known as "Andropause". What is Andropause you may ask? It is The impact of decreasing androgen's also called "male menopause" or PADAM: Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male. It is a normal part of aging, although for some men, it is accompanied by a gradual and undesired decline in their sexuality, mood and overall energy. Sometimes it can even expose men to more serious health risks. By the time men are between the ages of 40 and 55, they can experience a phenomenon similar to the female menopause, called andropause. As with women, andropause in males begins at a time when life often offers some of its greatest rewards. But unlike women, men do not have a clear-cut signpost such as the cessation of menstruation to mark this transition. Andropausal body changes occur very gradually in men and may be accompanied by changes in attitudes and moods, fatigue, a loss of energy, sex drive and physical agility. What's more, studies show that the decline in testosterone during andropause can actually put one at risk for other health problems like heart disease and weak bones. Since all this happens at a time of life when many men begin to question their values, accomplishments and direction in life, it's often difficult to realize that the changes occurring are related to more than just external conditions. Attitude, psychological stress, alcohol, injuries or surgery, medications, obesity and infections can contribute to its onset. Saliva test you collect at home and send to the lab. No doctor's order needed, you receive the results.


  • Testosterone
  • DHT
  • DHEA
  • Melatonin
  • Cortisol

About the Manufacturer

At Access Medical Laboratories we offer a broad selection of tests from superior serum testing to the Gold Standard LC/MS/MS saliva testing methods, to provide the most accuracy and sensitivity available.

Access Medical labs specializes in Andropause, Menopause, and Hormonal balancing testing and through Integrative Psychiatry is now offering lab tests to our clients with no need of a doctors prescription, saving you time and money.


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