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Bio-Botanical Research Staph Infection Resource Kit (S.I.R.)

Bio-Botanical Research Staph Infection Resource Kit (S.I.R.). Biocidin® Advanced Formula for Broad Spectrum Support:
Advanced Formula Biocidin®; is a potent combination of the most useful broad-spectrum botanicals for systemic and gastrointestinal support.* The formula contains berberine from gentian and goldenseal, powerful plant tannins, medical grade essential oils, addresses detoxification and enhances the immune system.*

Proflora™ Unique Probiotic Helps Restore G.I. Environment.
Probiotics help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and promote intestinal balance.* Proflora® provides the supernatent or medium which beneficial flora depend upon to thrive, along with synergistic nutritional and botanical support to optimize the growth of beneficial flora.*

Olivirex® Highest Potency Olive Leaf Extract Available
Olivirex® is an innovative formulation combining standardized olive leaf extract with a synergistic blend of botanicals to enhance the broad-spectrum qualities of olive leaf.*

The Staph Infection Resource Kit (S.I.R.) contains one Biocidin®, two Olivirex®, and two Proflora™ for a one - two month supply. The second Proflora™ is free.

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